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ObsteCare AFL® - Amniotic Fluid Lactate Monitoring

Clinical Solution for Dysfunctional Labour - Safer Births

ObsteCare AFL® - Amniotic Fluid Lactate Monitoring

ObsteCare AFL®

AFL® Monitoring during labour


Equipment tailored made for the measurement of lactate in the amniotic fluid during labour


All studies so far have given the same results irrespective of location and ethnicity


Simple to use, Easy to implement













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Amniotic Fluid Lactate Monitoring,

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ObsteCare AFL® Monitoring during labour:

ObsteCare AFL Monitoring System, DMS061, is designed to make it easy to follow and predict the outcome of the delivery during active labour. The system is designed to fully support non-invasive testing at point of care. Small samples of amniotic fluid are collected during active labour and analysed for the concentration of lactate. The AFL® level is instantly displayed in the Partogram, facilitating a clear overview and understanding of the status and capability of the uterus.

DMS061 is built on patented technology and is the only system on the market for point of care use that is tailored for the measurement of lactate in the amniotic fluid during active labour.

AFL® Monitoring During Labour

Dysfunctional labour is the most common indication for Emergency Caesarean Sections, which are major risk factors for postpartum haemorrhage, poor birthing experience and elective CSs in subsequent pregnancies.

The only available treatment is Oxytocin Infusion, which many women do not respond to.

A simple method of monitoring the Amniotic Fluid Lactate, AFL®, level during labour provides valuable information about the capacity of the uterus during labour.

Women with Low AFL® - Levels are likely to experience a spontaneous vaginal delivery and women with High AFL® - Levels are likely to experience instrumental or surgical delivery.

A Simple Method proven to reduce

Emergency Caesarean Sections