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Patient-specific training

•Pre-operative training

•Experience-based decision-making skills

•Risk identification and management

•Post operative debriefings

PROcedure Rehearsal Studio loads your patient’s CT and MRI data onto Simbionix ANGIO Mentor, the world’s leading virtual reality endovascular simulator. Within a few minutes of a scan, you can practice complete endovascular procedures on your patient from the safety of a simulator.

PROcedure Rehearsal Studio lets you use fluoroscopy, guidewires, catheters and other cath lab equipment to experience true-to-life tactile feedback of a real procedure on a virtual model of your own patient with

your patient’s anatomy, physiology and diagnostic anomalies.

Hands-on experience

Real-time CT images

PROcedure Rehearsal Studio’s real-time CT images correspond to active fluoroscopic views to help you understand your patient’s anatomy and to assist in effective CT interpretation and study.

Vascular segmentation workstation

Ease of use

PROcedure Rehearsal Studio has been designed for simplicity of use. It’s intuitive user-interface makes it extremely user-friendly ensuring no time is wasted

Bringing surgery simulation and surgical training into the 21st Century

How often is procedure time extended because of suboptimal access or equipment selection? The Studio allows you to find the appropriate access strategy and select guidewires, catheter and guide shapes, and other equipment BEFORE the patient is on the table. It even lets you determine the most effective fluoroscopic views, which may reduce radiation exposure, cathlab time, contrast dye use and ultimately also total procedure costs.

The PROcedure Rehearsal Studio is suitable for all endovascular procedures including interventional cardiology, interventional radiology,

vascular surgery and vascular neurology. It can provide perfect anatomical simulation endovascular interventional procedures such as: carotid, advanced coronary, CTO, cerebral, peripheral, renal, valve replacement, and electro-physiology. It is compatible only with the Simbionix ANGIO Mentor family of simulators.

For the first time, multiple interventionists can have the experience of performing the same case, with the same anatomy, lesions, and patient responses. The digitised real patient lets each interventionist perform diagnostic and therapeutic interventions and work through all the complexities and subtleties of the same procedure on the same patient, using whatever tools and approaches each choses. The PROcedure Rehearsal Studio can also be used to replicate and demonstrate completed procedures with strong teaching value to help mitigate risk in future procedures.

Teaching & training

The only Simulator allowing you to Practice on your own Patient’s Data

Simbionix PROcedure Rehearsal Studio

where virtual reality becomes real

PROcedure Rehearsal Studio - Surgical Simulator from Simbionix

Vascular segmentation workstation

PROcedure Rehearsal Studio automatically identifies structures, segments relevant vasculature from surrounding structures, and features all the standard functionality of vascular imaging and analysis workstations, including vessel views and cross-sections.

Procedure plans

PROcedure lets you plan, save and print the steps of your procedure for review, teaching and future use.

Vessel stenosis analysis

This unique feature automatically identifies and quantifies vessel stenosis and then displays its location, severity and dimensions.

An unlimited virtual patient library

All patient cases can be saved for later use or training meaning there is no end to the number of virtual patients which can be stored on the system. Cases can also be shared with other PROcedure Rehearsal Studio users allowing an exciting new opportunity to practice on some of the rarest and most complex anatomies for ultimate proficiency.

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PROcedure Rehearsal Studio,

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