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3 Systems

All systems are fully compatible with all the GI simulation modules.

All systems are equipped with reliable high end haptics to provide realistic sensation that mimic the look and feel of an actual procedure.

System 1


Combined Platform

The GI Bronch Mentor combines the

GI Mentor and the Bronch Mentor,

into one platform.

System 2

GI Mentor

Platform Version

The GI Mentor can be upgraded, with the Bronch modules, to GI BRONCH Mentor

System 3

GI Mentor Express

Desktop Version

All the GI Modules are available on this portable version and sophisticated haptics to provide realistic tissue sensation.

The Bronch modules are not available with this version.






Emergency Bleeding





GI Mentor Endoscopy Simulator

Simbionix GI Mentor

Upper & Lower GI Virtual Reality Simulator

GI Mentor - Upper & Lower GII Endoscopy Simulator from Simbionix

For further information on the Simbionix GI Mentor

Upper & Lower Endoscopy Virtual Reality Simulator,

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The Simbionix GI Mentor’s unique training system combines designated hardware and software to create a true-to-life sensation of performing real endoscopic procedures.

Simbionix collaborates with medical experts from around the world to create virtual patient cases complete with patient history, biological test results and imaging results, all based on medical data.

The comprehensive library of modules provides a curriculum for the training of basic and advanced procedures, starting with general essential endoscopic skills, continuing with simple clinical procedures, and ending with challenging procedures such as ERCP and EUS.

These cases are arranged hierarchically from simple diagnostic procedures to advanced therapeutic procedures.

Ongoing collaboration with the medical community and in-house software development ensure the continuous growth of our library of modules.



Two modules offering 4 designated tasks aimed at optimizing the acquisition of basic GI endoscopy capabilities.


Non-anatomical environments enable focusing on core endoscopic essential skills such as basic scope manipulation, hand-eye coordination and accurate manoeuvring of scope and tool. This module set contains two Cyberscopy modules - Endobasket and Endobubble.

Each module offers two practice environments, supporting two levels of difficulty.


Two modules for lower GI endoscopy offer 20 simulated virtual patient cases for training of colonoscopic techniques.  

The modules enable performance of a complete survey of the lower GI tract with an authentic forward viewing video-endoscope.

Trainees will encounter true to life situations such as intestinal looping, complex colon anatomies, patient discomfort, and be able to practice therapeutic procedures such as biopsy and polypectomy.


Two modules for upper GI endoscopy offer 20 simulated virtual patient cases for training of gastroscopic techniques.

The modules offer a safe environment to perform a complete survey of the upper GI tract with a forward viewing video endoscope. Trainee should identify typical lesions in a variety of upper GI anatomies and pathologies, and perform diagnostic or therapeutic procedures according to his clinical judgment.


10 simulated gastroscopy bleeding cases.

The Emergency Bleeding Situations Module enables trainees training on emergency situation of the upper GI tract. The module offer practice on both diagnostic procedures for symptoms of bleeding lesions and therapeutic procedures.

Various accessories can be used for treatment of bleeding pathologies, such as spray catheter, a bipolar coagulation, an injection needle and a cold snare for clot removal.


10 simulated flexible sigmoidoscopy cases help the trainee become familiar with flexible sigmoidoscopy and the indications for colon cancer screening.

The module enables practice of Flexible Sigmoidoscopy and biopsy techniques on difficult and unusual anatomies and pathologies. Realistic anatomy of the lower GI tract enables complete training including examination of the anus, rectum, sigmoid and descending colon, retro in the distal rectum for complete examination.

Trainees improve their decision making skills, encounter high-risk situations, identify pathologies and make appropriate recommendations based on findings in a safe environment


Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography

2 separates modules offer 18 ERCP virtual patient cases.

These modules feature simultaneous displays of both endoscopic and fluoroscopic views, as well as a wide variety of accessories to perform cannulation and therapeutic procedures.

The module enable realistic environment of the upper GI tract to enable complete training tool of this challenging procedure.

Trainee gain practice in papilla cannulation, fluoroscopic understanding of the biliary tree and pancreatic duct, sphincterotomy, stricture dilation and stone extraction.

Varieties of endoscopic instruments are incorporated such as sphincterotome, needle knife, guide wire, stents, balloons and basket.  


Endoscopic Ultrasonography

2 unique EUS modules offer systematic and didactic tasks, designed to train endoscopic ultrasound performance, identifying over 30 significant anatomical landmarks.


Educational Module:

The Educational module provides a high-end learning environment including a variety of visual aids that appear on-screen at user's request. Instructed acquisition and recognition of anatomical landmarks is practiced in a supporting environment.

Tasks Module:

The Tasks module provides a practice environment in which the user's capabilities are tested.  Unsupported, true-to-life acquisition and recognition of anatomical landmarks is performed and assessed.









GI Mentor Express Endoscopy Simulator