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Simbionix MentorLearn

Simulator Training Curricula Management

MentorLearn - Simulator Training Curricula Management System available on Simulators from Simbionix


Simbionix MentorLearn is a

web-based management software available for use with the

Simbionix simulator platforms.

MentorLearn provides online access

For instructors to setup and create their own curricula and courses, and to follow the trainees performance statistics from anywhere, using personal login details.

Instructors can also use any available simulator videos and curricula published for the Simbionix simulator. They can add text, pictures, videos and customize the course to best suit their trainees.

Trainees login to read the curriculum assigned to them and watch instructor videos prior to coming to the skills centres to do the practice session on the simulator. They can also view their own performance and parameter statistics online.

Centralized Administration

Training Curriculum

Online Learning

Hands-On Training

Performance Assessment

Trainee Statistics


The Simbionix MentorLearn is a a web based simulation management system, providing the optimal solution for managing all training and education needs for the Simbionix line of simulators

The system facilitates performing the administrative tasks of running a training course or workshop. The system includes a library of ready-to-use simulator based courses and a platform to design new training courses.


Trainee and Administrative Tasks Management:

MentorLearn provides registration and administration tasks such as creating users and groups and assigning training courses, with more ease and in a time efficient manner.

Utilizing online capabilities allows for remote access to simulator management. Centres with more than one simulator enjoy the additional benefit of a centralized system linking data from all simulators.

Hands-On Training Course Generation:

The MentorLearn Course Generation enables designing and building courses and curricula, which may include: Training objectives; didactics, such as attaching your own procedural movies and lectures; hands-on content from the variety available in the simulator, and the ability to set benchmarks  for proficiency based training.

This feature enables automating and standardizing training programs by designing reusable courses according to educational requirements.

Access to Training Course Generation is available offline as well as online.

Library of Ready-To-Use Training Curricula:

MentorLearn offers a library of ready-to-use training courses and the platform to design new curricula. The curricula are designed based on an educational oriented approach developed either by Simbionix or by market leaders with years of experience. The Library of Ready-to-Use content consists of proficiency based simulation training courses, with complimenting movie tutorials and multimedia.

Access to the simulation-based curricula, movies and courses information is available offline as well as online. Online didactic courses - available exclusively to MentorLearn online users.

Advanced Debriefing Reports:

Case performance reports allow educators to follow and control the training process and learner attendance. The advanced simulator reports feature learning curves, ability to set benchmarks and automatic analysis of individual / group performance .

Access to Advanced Debriefing Reports is available offline as well as online. Utilizing online capabilities allows for remote access to reports, for the administrators as well as for the learners.

Skills Lab Administrators & Course Directors - Benefits

Administration Tasks:


Allows for aggregated simulator data and enables centralized reporting

Anytime from anywhere

Future Premium Content - Course Library:

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Simulator Training Curricula Management System,

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