Obstetric Fetal Monitoring Equipment

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STAN® FECG ST-Analysis

Advanced IntraPartum Fetal Monitor with additional Fetal ECG ST Analysis capability


Advanced Intrapartum Fetal Monitor with many unique features

STAN® Viewer

Software enabling secure long term Archiving and electronic auditing of archived CTGs

STAN® Viewer Live

Software enabling secure long term Archiving and Real-Time Review of live CTGs

ObsteCare AFL®

Tailored made equipment for Amniotic Fluid Lactate Measurements during labour


Central Monitoring Station for Central Archiving and Surveillance of CTGs


Optional Module with OmniView providing Computerized CTG Interpretation


Optional Module with OmniView for electronic Partogram and Labour Notes

Obstetric Products

Used on the Labour Ward in hospitals across the UK

SisPorto Computerized CTG Interpretation


CTG and Fetal ECG ST-Analysis


Central Surveillance & Archiving

and Computerized CTG Interpretation

OKB Medical Limited supply a range of unique and innovative Obstetric products, equipment and consumables, for use in the Maternity Department in hospitals across the UK.

The range of Obstetrics Products include: