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OmniView™ Central Monitoring System

CTG Surveillance and Archiving with optional CTG Interpretation Software

OmniView ™ - Central CTG Surveillance and Archiving all CTGs and STAN® Recordings


Modern Central Monitoring Station with flexible architecture for simple expansion.

Automatic display configuration of all live recordings, with connection of unlimited number of beds and unlimited number of viewing stations.


SisPorto® Computerized CTG Interpretation Software provides comprehensive analysis of the CTG, Antenatal and Intrapartum CTGs, giving timely colour coded CTG Alerts to the Obstetric Staff.

SisPorto® includes ST-Events in its analysis of the Fetal Heart Rate.


OmniView-SisPorto® is fully compatible with STAN®, which provides familiar display modes, combined CTG and ST analysis and two-way communication.


Maternum™ is a Labour & Delivery Module which fully integrates with OmniView-SisPorto® or can be used independently.

Maternum™ is net-based and compatible with any tablet for portable use anywhere with internet access..

Full electronic Partogram.

Partogram Module

OmniView Partogram Module

Comprehensive Labour & Delivery Statistics.

Labour & Delivery Statistics


















For further information on OmniView-SisPorto®

Central Monitoring and Computerized CTG Interpretation,

please contact info@okbmedical.com

OmniView™ - Central Surveillance & Archiving:

OmniView™ is a Central Monitoring Station which can connect all well known fetal monitors and STAN® to a central dsiplay monitor for surveillance of all ongoing antenatal and labour CTGs and STAN® Recordings. There is no limit to how many CTGs can be connected or viewed simultaneously and there is also no limit to how many computers which can be set up as viewing stations.

OmniView™ will automatically adjust the display size of each CTG to create the best display of all live recordings. Each CTG can be opened into a Single Bed view to review the entire recording in detail.

OmniView™ archives all CTG recordings centrally onto a hospital server and the CTGs can be retrieved from archive and reviewed on any of the viewing stations.

Live ongoing CTGs, as well as archived CTGs, can also be viewed and retrieved remotely from outside the hospital from anywhere with Internet access and access to the hospital server.

OmniView™ comes with a CTG playback programme designed for use in education and training and would normally be installed on a laptop computer. The Playback Software enables playback of any archived CTG or STAN recording at different speeds, and to start and stop the playback to review scenarios.

STAN® FECG ST-Analysis:

OmniView™ is fully compatible with STAN® and displays the CTG in the familiar STAN® colours and all Fetal ECG ST-Analysis data and Events, as on STAN®.

STAN® also accepts data from OmniView™ and the Patient Name and ID can be registered either on OmniView™ or on STAN®. Usually, the midwife would make all notes and register the patient on STAN®, which is then displayed on OmniView™.

SisPorto® - Computerized CTG Analysis:

SisPorto® is a Computerized CTG Interpretation Software for use with Antenatal and Intrapartum CTGs. It uses the OmniView Central Monitoring System as it’s platform and is available as an option with OmniView™, hence OmniView-SisPorto®.

SisPorto® takes STAN® Events into accounts in the anlysis of the CTG features.

Hence, a significant ST Event can cause a Pathological CTG Alert, which needs attention.

Below is an example of a Red Pathological Alert, triggered by an abnormal CTG (Tachycardia, Decelerations) and an ST Event, plus an Alert for Excessive Uterine Contractions.

SisPorto Alert with ST-Event

Below is another example of a Red Pathological Alert, triggered by Low Short Term Variability, plus an Alert for Excessive Uterine Contractions.

SisPorto Alert, Low Short Term Variability

Maternum™ - Partogram, Labour & Delivery Module:

Maternum™ is a Labour & Delivery Module, which can either be used as a Stand-Alone System or used as an integral part with OmniView-SisPorto®.

Maternum™ is net-based and works with any portable tablets anywhere with Internet access and access to the hospital server.

Maternum™ feature:

- A Chalkboard for room identification and registration of patients

- A Partogram for labour progression graphs and notes

- Risk Factors

- Newborn and Delivery Details

- Search and Auditing Log

- Active Directory Authentication

- Integrated with OmniView™ or Stand-Alone

- Windows / Mac / Tablet compatible

Maternum, Partogram Module


OmniView™ is a modern Central Monitoring System for the Maternity Department, providing Central Surveillance and Archiving of all antenatal and labour CTGs and STAN® Recordings.

OmniView also provides a platform for the optional SisPorto® CTG Interpretation Module and the Maternum Partogram, Labour and Delivery Module.

SisPorto® analysis of FHR and ST Events has been proven to provide higher accuracy in predicting neonatal acidemia

OmniView Central Monitoring and CTG ArchivingSisPorto Computerized CTG Interpretation