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STAN® S41 FECG ST-Analysis System

ST-Analysis of the Fetal ECG during Intrapartum CTG Monitoring

STAN® ST - STAN® Fetal ECG ST-Analysis


4 in 1

4 Systems in 1 Unit

1. CTG

High Quality Intrapartum

Fetal Monitor with many

unique functions:

2. ST-Analysis

Fetal ECG ST-Analysis, which is

unique to STAN®, is an additional parameter that is recorded by STAN® together with the CTG. FECG ST-Analysis has proven to:

3. Archiving

STAN® automatically and digitally stores the entire CTG recording with all notes and provides:

4. Integral Telemetry

Built-In Telemetry Unit with Waterproof Wireless Transducers


Evidence Based Medicine

The use of Fetal ECG ST-Analysis is supported by the Cochrane Reviewers and approved by the FDA to reduce the risk of Brain Injury during labour. STAN® also enables you to comply with the CNST Recommendations for secure long-term archiving of the CTG.


Is the only Fetal Monitor proven to reduce the risk of brain injury during labour.


With STAN® ST:


With STAN® ST:

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The all-new STAN® S41

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FECG ST-Analysis,

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STAN® S41 Fetal ECG ST-Analysis:

STAN® S41 is a unique, one-of-a-kind, fetal monitor which combines standard CTG technology with fetal ECG ST-Analysis. The fetal ECG ST-Analysis adds a new dimension to fetal monitoring, which provides the obstetric and midwifery staff with a deeper insight into the fetal physiological reaction to events and the capability of the foetus to cope during the stress of labour and, hence, enabling the obstetric and midwifery staff to make a more informed decision on the best action to take at the time.

STAN® FECG ST-Analysis has Proven Clinical Benefits

STAN® has been developed through a long and thorough process of research and validation, and the clinical benefits are proven in large randomised controlled trials.

Results from these trials have found that using STAN® results in fewer blood samples (Fetal Blood Sampling (FBS) has been virtually eliminated in hospitals where STAN® is fully implemented), less surgical assistance and reduced incidence of metabolic acidosis at birth than conventional CTG.

STAN® FECG ST-Analysis Improves Decision Making

STAN® provides continuous analysis of the Fetal ECG and provides the user with

instantaneous information about the response of the foetus to intrapartum hypoxia.

This information can be compared to frequent Fetal Blood Sampling.

STAN® automatically displays alarms on the CTG trace to warn the user of any

abnormal Fetal ECG events, which needs to be acknowledge by the user.

STAN® improves inter-observer agreement by focusing the observer to the CTG when

Fetal ECG changes occur.

STAN® provides reassurance when intervention is not required.

STAN® FECG ST-Analysis is Safer for Baby and Mother

Using STAN® has proven to significantly reduce the rate of metabolic acidosis at birth

and a likely reduction in the incidence of neonatal encephalopathy

Using STAN® has proven to give the mother a better chance of a normal spontaneous


Using STAN® enables a more timely intervention resulting in less Caesarean Sections

and less Complicated Instrumental Deliveries

Fetal Blood Sampling (FBS) is eliminated in hospitals where STAN® is implemented

STAN® Evidence Based Medicine

ST-Analysis is the analysis of changes occurring in the ST-segment of the Fetal ECG during labour.

STAN® is a fetal monitor that detects these changes in the Fetal ECG in addition to recording the CTG. The combined analysis of the CTG and Fetal ECG helps detect a fetus which is exposed to Hypoxia and needs remedial action or delivery.

This has been proven to reduce

Operative Interventions and Improve Outcome