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STAN Viewer and STAN Viewer Live

STAN® Viewer and STAN® Viewer Live

Electronic Archiving and Review of STAN® Recordings

STAN® Viewer & STAN® Live - Direct Network Archiving and Electronic Review of Archived and Live STAN® Recordings

STAN® Viewer

Two Versions

1. STAN® Viewer

STAN® Viewer is included Free of Charge with the purchase of STAN® FECG ST-Analysis.

The STAN® Viewer software enables the user to retrieve archived STAN® recordings to review  the CTG , the ST-Analysis, alarms  and all associated notes.

Retrospectively Review, Audit, Print or e-mail any STAN® recording.

2. STAN® Viewer Live

STAN® Viewer Live is an option with STAN® and enables the user to view all currently occurring, live, STAN® recordings.

The user can view any room from anywhere.


STAN® automatically and digitally stores the entire CTG recording with the ST-Analysis and all notes onto the hospital server.

STAN® Viewer and STAN® Viewer Live provides electronic review of archived STAN® recordings or live recording.



STAN® with the Direct Network Archiving and electronic review facilities is ideal for modern paperless monitoring.

With STAN® no recording is lost.

STAN ® Clock


STAN® Viewer Live automatically synchronize the clocks in all STAN® units with server, ensuring that the correct time. Is recorded at all times.

For further information on STAN® Viewer

and STAN® Viewer Live,

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STAN® Viewer:

STAN® Viewer is unique to STAN® and is provided free of charge with the purchase of STAN®. STAN® automatically stores and creates a backup of the entire STAN® CTG complete with the ST-Analysis, alarms and any free notes annotations, and enables Direct Network Archiving onto the hospital server.

STAN® Direct Network Archiving and the STAN® Viewer provides secure archiving in a modern paperless environment  and ensures no loss of recordings, or faded print-outs, should a paper copy be required.

STAN Viewer Software

STAN® Viewer Live:

STAN® Viewer Live is a purchase option with STAN®, which enables the user to view from anywhere, be remotely from outside the hospital or centrally on the labour ward or in meeting room, on a PC, laptop or tablet, a live STAN® Recording from any STAN® monitor in use in any of the labour rooms.

This allows discussion of live STAN ® traces to be discussed away from the labour room and patient bedside.

STAN Viewer Live Software

The STAN® Viewer Live offers:

- Remote Real-Time Viewing of live STAN® Recordings

- Accessible from anywhere with access to the hospital network

- Use existing hospital User Groups for log-in and authentication of user

- Same Display as on STAN® including the Fetal ECG Average signal

- Automatic STAN® Clock Synchronization - Time is always correct

- Simple installation using existing Hospital network and server

- STAN® buffers data, so data is never lost even if there is no connection to the server

- Ten minute learning time

STAN@ Viewer and STAN® Viewer Live enables you to go fully paperless, ensuring no recording is ever lost and that all the STAN® units show correct time at all times.

STAN® Viewer Live

STAN® Viewer allows retrospective review of archived STAN® recordings and STAN® Viewer Live enables live review of all ongoing STAN® Recordings from anywhere within the hospital, centrally on the labour ward or from outside the hospital on a PC, Laptop or Tablet.

STAN® with Direct Network Archiving and STAN® Viewer or STAN® Viewer Live ensures that all STAN® Recording are securely archived and enables modern Paperless Monitoring.